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Windscreen Replacement

We are specialised in windscreen repairs and replacements, including car windscreens. We offer a wide range of affordable services and can carry out all makes and models of all major vehicle brands.

Our experienced team uses both new & auto glass and can even repair and replace rear as well as side windows for your added convenience. So, whether you have a new car, vintage vehicles or classic cars, just give us a call.

Stone Chip Repair

Stone chips affecting your windscreen are very common whilst travelling on roads within Australia. Our technicians are able to repair most small chips to prevent them from cracking further. All of our chips are in accordance with Australian guidelines.

Body Glass Replacement

Along with windscreen replacement, we offer body glass replacement service too. Similar to a windscreen, if a side or rear window is broken or damaged, replacement is the only solution. If your car is vandalised or broken into, and a body glass is smashed, as a relatively weak area of your vehicle, simply call us at Menzies Auto & Residential Glass, we can replace it with the minimum of fuss.

Machinery Glass

We provide industry-leading machinery glass replacement services for earth moving equipment and heavy types of machinery. We have a team of experienced glass repairing and replacement experts, so you can be assured of technical excellence. We are no regular auto glass service provider, we are specialists and have the expertise in the industry, the services requirements and the importance of safety.